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Caribbean Health & Wellness Retreats
Immersion-Style, Alkalizing and Energizing Health & Wellness Retreats in the Gorgeous, Breathtaking Caribbean
Why turn to our Caribbean Retreat ?
Regain Your Optimum Health & Vitality Now and Learn How to Maintain
Certified Naturopaths & Nutritionists
Daily Specialized Medical Bodywork
Combined Over 56 Years of Experience in the Health & Wellness Industry


  • Health Challenges?
  • Low Energy?
  • Excess Weight?
  • Aches & Pains?
  • Disease?
  • Diminished Libido?
  • …or perhaps you’re just seeking Peak Performance?
Imagine your very own, completely personalized Health-Improving Experience SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED so you will RE-CLAIM YOUR POWER while simultaneously learning how to balance your body and your mind!
Join Our Team in a group setting to eradicate a Wide Variety of Health-Related situations and conditions

Optimum Health & Well-Being

Fatigue, Low Energy & Libido Challenges

Weight-Loss & Lifestyle Changes

Nutritional and Dietary Education

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Our Next Alkalize & Energize Retreat
April 22nd through 28th, 2017
Get your Optimum Health & Vitality back…! Book now for our next Wellness Retreat in the Gorgeous Tropical Location of the US & British Virgin Islands!
Come to the Caribbean and learn exactly how to eliminate all ailments within, strengthen your immune system, and make a healthy change that will last a lifetime!!

You’ll even learn how to help and assist your friends and family members with their health situations. You’ll kick yourself if you miss this once in a lifetime experience!

Participation is always limited!

In addition to learning to eat {not dieting and won’t ‘deprive’ you}, detoxing, cleansing and exercise correctly for optimum, long-lasting health, here’s what you may expect from your Immersion-Style Alkalize & Energize Wellness Retreat:

  • Natural, Sulfur & Mineral Spring Therapy
  • Bio Energetic Analysis
  • Daily Yoga or Specialized Stretching
  • Massages Therapy (Neuromuscular)
  • Reflexology Boot Sessions
  • Cooking Classes
  • Diet & Meal Planning
  • Biofeedback Frequency Body-Scan
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Exfoliate Body Scrub
  • Ionize Foot Detox Baths
  • Cutting-Edge, Fact-Based Health Education
  • Fasting & Detoxing Protocols – for those that choose
  • … and Much More!
Your life-changing transformative Wellness Retreat will be conducted at Private Resort Villa setting in the renowned United States Virgin Islands, which sits nestled in the Gorgeous Caribbean Ocean area known as the “sailing capital of the world”.

With white sand, blue skies, turquoise waters, peace, and tranquility, USVI are arguably the most beautiful and diverse of all the Caribbean Islands…

Wait until your experience this place! You’ll never want to leave and will tell all your friends about your outrageous, fulfilling and health-boosting time in the islands!

Our Next Alkalize & Energize Retreat:
April 22nd through 28th, 2017

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Watch below to see what our past Raving Fans attendees have to say about our Results-Driven events…

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Abundant Accreditations, Licenses & Professional Certifications Provide Powerful Comfort and Confidence!


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Medical Errors Course Completed

HIV AIDS Course Completed 2015

The Mind Body Connection Course Completed

Integrating Reflexology and Five-Element Theory Course Completed
That’s Cool… But What about Dr. Jill Scott and Her Teams’ Authoritative Position in the Health & Wellness Field?

Business Advisor to the Massage Industry

Spa, Salon & Clinic – Senior Consultant

Trainer of Trainers, Author, Inventor

Current Spa & Health Center Director

Before & After Results are Always Fun, Right?!

Pam MaKay Before & After – Weight-Loss category
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So why not GET STARTED NOW on Your Path to Optimum Health and Vitality: $397 Health Consultation: Just $247 Save $150.00
40-60 minutes Please note: The Calendar is Very Limited, Secure Your Position Today!
Above is Your First Session Investment – Subsequent Sessions are Only $197!
(Initial Session are typically up to 60 Minutes – Subsequent between 20 to 40 minutes)
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who are these Wellness Retreats for? What type of person or ailment?

Anyone at Any age dealing with Any Health Ailment or Condition. Since your experience will involve a specialty-tailored protocol just for your situation and condition, you will see fabulous benefits different from anyone else. As you will see on this website, we have been blessed with stunning success assisting people from all walks of like suffering from a wide variety of ailments.

What are the additional costs after we arrive at the venue location?

Everything is included for you, so there are zero costs beyond your investment for the Retreat. We cover everything: from herbs & botanicals / vitamins & minerals to all food and beverages. From yoga or stretching classes to whatever body-work we deem necessary. From all educational workshops to cooking classes. Heck we even handle your airport transfer and even cover all costs for a field trip during the Retreat.

What can I expect once I arrive for the Retreat?

You will be personally pick up from the airport by one of our staff member and driven directly to the gorgeous venue where we will conduct the weeklong Retreat. Depending upon your time of arrival you will likely have an opportunity to relax a while by the pool or beach with a snack and a beverage. Before your first night’s dinner we will conduct a brief Orientation which will generally lay-out what you can expect for the week. More personalize protocols will be issued once you have a session with Retreat Director Dr. Jill Scott.

Will this Retreat truly be personally customized for me and my specific needs?

Absolutely YES! While the group setting has tremendous value, great comradery, loads of laughs and countless additional benefits, each and every person receives individual care and attention. Plus after sitting down with our Retreat Director Dr Jill you will know precisely what your week’s program will be, how exactly everything will be scheduled and executed, what your diet for the week will be (Please don’t worry: NO ONE STARVES – EVER) and what, if any, your personalize fitness regimen may be. Every person and every situation is custom-tailored, which is why we keep these Retreats small and intimate.

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